Now Quotes

Now Quotes and Proverbs

Sara Paddison, The Hidden Power of the Heart
Realize that now, in this moment of time, you are creating.
You are creating your next moment. That is what’s real.

Sara Paddison, The Hidden Power of the Heart
Being in the moment involves giving maximum appreciation and love to your present experience.

Doc Childre and Sara Paddison, HeartMath Discovery Program
In every moment, we each have a choice to be loving. Making an inefficient choice will not only affect us adversely, but can negatively affect those around us — as well as the planet. The most caring choice is love!

Doc Childre
Heart presence is about having more of your real self show up in each moment. It’s about being mentally, emotionally, and physically present in the heart. We often put so much energy and focus on how we “present” ourselves – the way we appear, what we wear,what we say, what car we drive. If we put a fraction of that energy into how we present ourselves to ourselves on the mental and emotional levels, we can greatly reduce anxiety and increase our vitality.

Doc Childre and Howard Martin The HeartMath Solution
Most of us have experienced the buoyancy and satisfaction that positive emotional states can create in our lives. At such moments of buoyancy, our effectiveness at big tasks and small improves almost effortlessly. Positive emotional states produce that effect because of the coherence they create within the human system.

Donald Trump
I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s were the fun is.

H. G. Wells (1866 – 1946)
We must not allow the clock and the calendar to blind us to the fact that each moment of life is a miracle and mystery.

Marcus Aurelius
If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.

Kim Lyons
Yesterday is a cancelled check; Tomorrow is a promissory note; Today is the only cash you have, so spend it wisely.

John Paul Richter
Never part without loving words to think of during your absence. It may be that you will not meet again in life.

Grenville Kleiser
There are fine things which you mean to do some day, under what you think will be more favorable circumstances. But the only time that is surely yours is the present, hence this is the time to speak the word of appreciation and sympathy, to do the generous deed, to forgive the fault of a thoughtless friend, to sacrifice self a little more for others. Today is the day in which to express your noblest qualities of mind and heart, to do at least one worthy thing which you have long postponed, and to use your God-given abilities for the enrichment of someone less fortunate. Today you can make your life – significant and worthwhile. The present is yours to do with as you will.



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