Entrainment Quotes

Entrainment Quotes and Proverbs

HeartMath’s Freeze-Framer
Think of entrainment as being “in sync.” When your head and heart, thoughts and feelings, are working harmoniously together, you have more clarity and inner balance–and you feel better.

Doc Childre and the research team at the Institute of HeartMath (IHM)
We have shown that techniques which combine intentional heart focus with the generation of sustained positive feelings lead to a beneficial mode of physiological function they have termed psychophysiological coherence. Correlates of psychophysiological coherence include a sine wave-like pattern in the heart rhythms, increased heart-brain synchronization (alpha rhythms become more synchronized to the heart) and entrainment between the heart’s rhythmic patterns, respiration, blood pressure rhythms and other physiological systems.

HeartMath’s Freeze-Framer
The Freeze-Framer program analyzes your heart rhythms and displays your level of “coherence” which represents how internally syncronized you are. It also provides you with an entrainment target area called “The Zone” and monitors your heart rate as well.

Institute of HeartMath
People can (learn to) create and maintain a state of internal coherence and entrainment, and that once in the entrainment mode, other cardiovascular systems, respiration, heart rate variability and blood pressure waves synchronize or entrain.

When the universe is in harmony with man – the eternal, we know it as truth but we feel it as beauty.

William Hazlitt
Gracefulness has been defined to be the outward expression of the inward harmony of the soul.



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